Unique Christmas Time and Holiday Traditions

Follow Me on Pinterest Why is the Christmas and Holiday Season associated with joy?  The answers lie in the traditions that bind families and friends together each and every year.  Yes it is also true that the holidays and family issues can sometimes make this time stressful but most of the time we fall back on our child hood memories of this time.  Things like Christmas decorations, food, gifts and religious services are a few areas that make up a lot of those memories.

Some of us may not think that anything we do is really a unique Christmas tradition but you would be surprised to find not everyone does the same things.  One of the unique things that our family does each year is to decorate one of our walls with all the Christmas and Holiday Cards we receive.  We put them up in the shape of a Christmas Tree similar to the graphic we put included in this post.

This all started since as a young family we have many friends and family who have younger children.  Each year in what could also be considered another tradition everyone sends out Christmas Cards that usually have pictures of their cute children.  We didn’t have a big tree back then but we had a big wall so I decided to put them up in a shape of a tree so that everyone could enjoy the pictures.  We also include non picture cards too since they are usually quite festive as well.

As the years have passed it is a great activity to do with the kids.  They love trying to figure out how they will lay out the pictures and they always want to make sure that their picture is at the top of the tree.  As you get more cards the tree grows and we have even had to make another smaller Christmas Card tree since we ran out of space.  Be sure to take a picture before you take them down at the end of the season!

What unique traditions do you have?  Do you put up a Christmas Card Tree?

The Original Letter from Santa

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