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What is Your White Christmas Wish?

Depending on your age White Christmas can mean different things to you.  Are you dreaming of a White Christmas where the snow covers the ground and the trees on Christmas Day?  Or are you wishing to listen to the all time classic Irving Berlin song “White Christmas”?  Even better are you hoping to see the […]


12 Days of Christmas – Traditions and Songs

Though this blog is more about the spirit of the Holiday Season in general and not religious it is a Christmas themed blog so as such we will sometimes discuss the Christian origins of the Christmas Holiday.  Even if you are Christian some of the Church traditions can be confusing.  The 12 Days of Christmas […]


Artificial Christmas Trees Versus Real Trees

Christmas trees are a major part of your Christmas decorating so making up your mind about what kind of tree and when you are going to buy and decorate it are a big deal.  There is an age old debate whether an artificial Christmas tree is better than a real Christmas tree.  Is there a […]


Welcome to ChristmasTimeJoy!

We are happy to finally kickoff this Christmas website dedicated to all things Christmas.  Though many of us can sometimes be frustrated and tired during the Holiday Season most of us have a more innocent joy of this time that stems back from our childhood.  The Christmas Traditions that each family has brings this time […]