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Christmas Toy Discount Search Tool – Black Friday Deals Too

We have added a useful search tool to find discounts on Christmas Toys for the 2014 Holiday season.  You can see it on the search bar but here is the direct link Black Friday Toy Deals.  Though it says Black Friday for now it can be used throughout the season to see which toys are […]


Top Christmas Toys for 2013 – ChristmasTimeJoy Preschool Picks

We updated our Christmas Toy Picks for 2013 a couple of weeks ago. Every list has some subjectivity to it and what we hope is to give you some solid ideas. We know that not every kid is the same and not every gift is for everyone(regardless of whether they seem hot or not!). As […]


Best Toys for PreSchooler 2012 – ChristmasTimeJoy Picks

We have started our YouTube Channel XMasTimeJoy and have put our first video up.  It summarizes our picks for the Preschool category for what we think are the best toy gifts in 2012.  Keep in mind some of the other toy categories also have some potential picks for the preschoolers on your list.  A good […]


Christmas 2012 Top Toy Gifts List

We have updated our list of the picks for the Best Gifts in the Toy Category in 2012.  It is always a challenge to narrow them down and this year is no different.  Last year’s list had 15 Toys, this year we currently have 19 but we plan to add sections for Board Games and […]


Christmas 2011 Top Toy Gifts

The 2011 Christmas Season is upon us!  I know it always seems earlier and earlier but as we pass Halloween and head into Thanksgiving the Christmas Shoppers in many of us hear the alarm.  Red Alert!  Red Alert!  Do you know what to get those demanding kids on your Christmas Toy Shopping list? If you […]


Do Video Gaming Consoles Make a Good Family Gift?

Many people think that video game consoles and video games are just for the older kids in the family.  Many people even think that they are not the best kind of entertainment for your kids.  I tended to agree with this until last year when my husband and I bit the bullet and had Santa […]