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Christmas has turned into a stressful time of year for many families.  It is important to keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas and the special role it plays for the family.  In many families travel arrangements have to be made and gifts have to be bought or made.  Don’t forget about getting the house ready for guests if you are having any of the festivities at your house.  This website is dedicated to making all of this easier for you and we will also attempt to add perspective to some of the Christmas time craziness so that you can focus on the unique ways this time of year can add joy into our lives.

Here are some ideas to help bring the joy back to your Christmas :

Creative Gifts Say A Lot

Instead of getting the easy gift that everyone is getting put some thought into the gifts you are getting.  Don’t think that the more money you spend the happier that person will be.  You should get gifts that the person will appreciate and see as an expression of how well you know them and love them.  Christmas greeting cards are a part of the gift too and instead of just giving them the same one you sent out to everyone else on your list.  Add a personal note that reflects your own feelings about that person and the holiday too.

Think about unique gifts instead of the obvious.  If your husband is a sports lover and he gets licensed sports apparel every year think outside of the box.  Try to get him tickets to a local professional or college game or sign him up to be notified automatically with sports scores.  There is a service offered by ITunes that offers that for the NFL.  If your parents are always complaining about not having enough pictures of the grandchildren make them a calendar with a different picture for each month.  They would love that and it definitely wouldn’t be that expensive.  If you want a more expensive option think about buying the new digital picture frames, they are all the rage and they are available at different price points if you look at different size frames.

Include Your Family in the Planning for Activities

Do you think the ultimate Christmas is sitting around eating and drinking and then just laying on the couch and doing nothing?  Some members of the family might feel that way so be sure to include enough time for this but plan what other activities you and your family can participate in together.  In our family we always find time to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” because it symbolizes so many of the nice things about Christmas.  Go Christmas tree shopping together and choose a time where some of the family can help decorate it.  I love to decorate the tree with Christmas music in the background to get me in the holiday mood.

Depending on your time, budget and where you live here are some other activities you can do:

  • Ice Skating
  • Skiing
  • Go See the Nutcracker
  • Watch Christmas Movies and Vintage Shows like those by Rankin/Bass
  • Put Up Outdoor Christmas Decorations
  • Add Your Own Unique Traditions…

Allow Time to De-Stress

The biggest factor that affects our ability to enjoy Christmas and the holiday season overall is that we put too much pressure on ourselves.  Set up time every week or every day if needed in the month of December to just relax.  Set up some time at the beginning of the season to plan out what you need to do and don’t be afraid to ask others for help.  Trying to get everything done yourself will leave you exhausted and unable to really enjoy the holiday.  After everyone has gone back home and the kids are back at school give yourself time to regroup so that you can start the year off on the right foot.  Most importantly, Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!

By Marilyn Franklin

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