Christmas Toy Discount Search Tool – Black Friday Deals Too

christmas toy discount finder tool Follow Me on Pinterest We have added a useful search tool to find discounts on Christmas Toys for the 2014 Holiday season.  You can see it on the search bar but here is the direct link Black Friday Toy Deals.  Though it says Black Friday for now it can be used throughout the season to see which toys are being more discounted.  Of course, it is typical that many of the best deals may happen on the week of Thanksgiving and the following week.  I may put up a video so that people may more  easily use it but it is pretty straightforward.  It is pre-populated with the search term “toys” but you can search for more specifics if you prefer.  A hot toy example might be something like “Elsa Doll“.  You can also move the discount level up and down to find discounted toys you may not have been thinking about.

Christmas Decorations and Lights – Christmas Quote

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The Christmas Feeling – Christmas Spirit – Christmas Quote

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Christmas is a Season – Christmas Quote

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Less than 50 Days to Christmas

This is a quick note to let you know that Christmas shopping and planning has begun.  In our minds November and the 50 days left mark kick off the Christmas time shopping and planning season.  To start things off slowly we are going to be adding some Christmas Quotes to our website.  Here is the first one:

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Top Christmas Toys for 2013 – ChristmasTimeJoy Preschool Picks

ctjtoptoys2013sign Follow Me on Pinterest We updated our Christmas Toy Picks for 2013 a couple of weeks ago. Every list has some subjectivity to it and what we hope is to give you some solid ideas. We know that not every kid is the same and not every gift is for everyone(regardless of whether they seem hot or not!).

As the years have passed I have found that Black Friday and CyberWeek can take us off track so make that list I keep writing about so you will not only get a deal but that special toy that they will both want and enjoy for more than a week.

Our Top Preschool Toy Gifts emphasize interactivity and pretend play which is a big part of that age group.  The interactivity comes because all 4 picks “talk” in some way.  Cheerin’ Minnie cheers for her Mickey and even sings “Oh Mickey” from Toni Basil.  If you have a boy on your list we would recommend last year’s Master Moves Mickey pick to go alongside Minnie.  They would be great for a party.  We gave it to our nephew and Mickey took over the party so imagine adding a Cheerleader Minnie to the mix?

Another pick in this category is Skating Dora and Boots from Fisher Price as well.  Dora is a favorite at this age.  My 12 year old daughter still plays with her Dora and Boots dolls from many years ago.  That says something not only about Dora but about the solidness of these toys.  Dora and Boots sing and skate.  According to reviews they do need room and they are not very quiet so plan accordingly.


Our third interactive doll is Disney’s Doc McStuffins.  This is a very popular toy so if your child is a Doc McStuffins fan get it as soon as possible.  Talking toys tend to be on the more expensive side running above $35 but they are also often discounted to get people in the “door” so that they may buy other things on their shopping list.


Our last pick on the Preschool side is LeapFrog’s Read With Me Scout.  It is sooo important to introduce reading into the lives of youngsters as soon as possible.  It is even more important to make it fun.  This toy focuses not just on reading aloud (a practice that helps with fluency) but also reading along.


As of this writing there are discounts through Amazon.  We also plan to add a video page for these Preschool Gift Picks.

Next up will be our picks for the Top 2013 Toy Gifts for Girls

Unique Christmas Time and Holiday Traditions

Follow Me on Pinterest Why is the Christmas and Holiday Season associated with joy?  The answers lie in the traditions that bind families and friends together each and every year.  Yes it is also true that the holidays and family issues can sometimes make this time stressful but most of the time we fall back on our child hood memories of this time.  Things like Christmas decorations, food, gifts and religious services are a few areas that make up a lot of those memories.

Some of us may not think that anything we do is really a unique Christmas tradition but you would be surprised to find not everyone does the same things.  One of the unique things that our family does each year is to decorate one of our walls with all the Christmas and Holiday Cards we receive.  We put them up in the shape of a Christmas Tree similar to the graphic we put included in this post.

This all started since as a young family we have many friends and family who have younger children.  Each year in what could also be considered another tradition everyone sends out Christmas Cards that usually have pictures of their cute children.  We didn’t have a big tree back then but we had a big wall so I decided to put them up in a shape of a tree so that everyone could enjoy the pictures.  We also include non picture cards too since they are usually quite festive as well. Read More…

Best Toys for PreSchooler 2012 – ChristmasTimeJoy Picks

educational preschool toys Follow Me on Pinterest We have started our YouTube Channel XMasTimeJoy and have put our first video up.  It summarizes our picks for the Preschool category for what we think are the best toy gifts in 2012.  Keep in mind some of the other toy categories also have some potential picks for the preschoolers on your list.  A good example of this is the wildly popular New Furby which can make a good gift for Girls but also for preschoolers.  We put it into the Top Picks for Girls because we have seen more demand there. Read More…